God, Save Me from the Flood

A river became overflowed and a flood ensued. One man had to climb up on top of his house. As he stood on the roof he prayed, "Lord, save me!"

Soon a man in a row boat came by and offered to take him to safety. The man on the roof said, "It's o.k., I asked the Lord to save me and I have faith the He will." The man in the row boat shook his head and moved on.

The flood level rose and now the man was standing on the highest part of the roof, and the water was up to his knees. Then another man came by, this time in a motor boat, also offering the man in the water rescue. But the man again refused, saying, "Thank you, but I prayed to the Lord and I have faith that *He* will save me." The flood was rising rapidly, to the man in the motor boat left him there as he wished.

In only a short time the water level had reached up to his neck, and he was standing on his tip toes. Now a helicopter came by and dropped a rope ladder. The man in the chopper frantically called to the man in the water to grab a hold of the ladder. The man in the water yelled back that he had prayed to the Lord and had faith that the Lord would save him. The pilot moved on in disbelief.

It came to pass that the flood level continued to rise and the man finally drowned. When he died, he went to heaven, and as soon as he realized where he was, he asked to speak to the Lord immediately. The Lord welcomed him, and asked him what he wanted. "Lord," he said, "I prayed and I had faith that you would save me. Why didn't you?"

The Lord replied, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter! What else did you want me to do?"