The Tourist

Experience of a person visiting the US:

I learn a little English and come to America. Nice place. But, people are a little sick. I mean, I go to supermarket and find what you call tomato paste. Okay, tomato paste is a paste made from tomato, right? Two aisles down I find tooth paste! Disgusting! Well, if ice pick is used for chiseling ice, I guess tooth paste is made by hacking teeth with tooth pick. Never will I go to dentist!

I was thinking America is great place, you know? Very scientific way of looking at life. Well, I go to pet store, and people actually buy bird seed! Even in my country people don't believe you can get birds from seeds. Giant bean stalk, maybe--but birds?

In store I ask for paper toilet. Clerk laugh and tell me, "A paper toilet is a toilet made from paper. You must mean toilet paper." I think about this. Then I ask, "So toilet paper is paper made from toilets?" I left the store wondering why she was not laughing anymore.

In another store I come to door and read sign: "Push." I thought a moment. This cannot be. I know America is technologically advanced, but to just push and door will open? I got hernia and nearly went to bathroom on myself, but door never opened. Then I realize means push door! Oyh!

In other building I am climbing up stairs because elevator is busy. I read sign saying: "Keep this door closed." What is door for if only it supposed to be closed?

I go to church and time for prayer comes. Man on platform say: "As far as possible, let us kneel down." I look down to carpeted floor. I ask person next to me: "Is it possible to kneel farther than the floor?"