The Soviet Train

Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, and Gorbechev were all on a train traveling across Russia. But suddenly, in the middle of Siberia, the train quit moving and Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev and Gorbechev debated what to do. Lenin volunteered to go to the front to find what was wrong. The crew had not been paid wages for over 15 weeks and the engineer had stopped the train and refused to continue until he was paid. Lenin explained that the train was carrying raw materials needed to make Russia strong and pleaded with the engineer to restart the train for the good of all the workers. And so for the good of the cause the engineer restarted the train.

They train continued for several hours, but then stopped again. Again the leaders debated what to do. Lenin volunteered to go to the front to find out what was wrong. He found that the engineer had again stopped the train because he had not been paid and so Lenin pulled out his pistol and shot the engineer who fell across the controls and the train began to move again.

They travelled successfully for several more hours when the train again stopped. This time Brezhnev went to the front and found that the engineer had fallen off the controls and so the train had stopped. He came back to the passenger car and explained what had happened but since none of the passengers knew how to make the train go, they debated what to do. Brezhnev offered the suggestion that they close all the curtains and rock back and forth in their seats making the sounds of a train.

They did this for several hours until they became tired and quit. After another lengthy debate, Gorbechev came up with the final solution. They all opened the windows, leaned out and yelled "We're not moving! We're not moving!"