Answers to What is Your TV IQ?

How many popular TV programs can you recognize by their synonyms?

  1. Irate over a sheep (Mad About You)
  2. One Hour (60 Minutes)
  3. Homicide, the Woman Memorized (Murder She Wrote)
  4. Wishing on the Windy City (Chicago Hope)
  5. A Crowded Home (Full House)
  6. Remodeling the House (Home Improvement)
  7. Praying beneath the Flame (Grace Under Fire)
  8. Naked in the Arctic (Northern Exposure)
  9. Two Reeds (Double Rush)
  10. Unknown Problems (Unsolved Mysteries)
  11. Divided by White (Picket Fences)
  12. Good Vision (20/20)
  13. Ladies with Children (The Mommies) (Terry L Anderson)